Roof Cleaners Surrey

Southern Pressure Clean offer a professional roof cleaning service throughout Surrey, Hampshire and South London.

We've invested in pro-level equipment to enable us to do the best possible job in the shortest time, thereby saving the homeowner money, as well as disruption.

A pre-treatment with Smartseal™ Moss Clear is usually required. While this is powerful, it doesn't contain bleach or acid and is bio-degradable.

Our Honda petrol-engined pressure washer with 30 metre dual-core extension hose and Turbo Lance will make short work of the remaining fungal growths as well as dirt and grime.

After the roof has fully dried we strongly recommend sealing the roof for future protection. This can take one of two forms:

  • Smartseal™ Roof Sealer, which is clear and forms a protective barrier against fungal growths and grime. In addition, it brings out the natural colour in your tiles.
  • Clima-Shield™ Roof Coating, which is available in various colours. You can keep the same colour you have at present or have a new colour entirely. This has light-reflecting pigments which keep the house cooler in summer and also forms a barrier against growths and grime. They will always try to form, but due to the nature of the surface, they will be washed away by precipitation.

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